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„But as for you, continue in what you have heard and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it,…so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work..

2 Tim. 3,14 – 17;

John Amos Commenius once said: ” We are all on one stage and everything is going on here concerns us all”.

On the stage of life we aim to be thankful for life itself as well as for our Christian school that we have a facility where we can have our students and teachers grow in good knowledge so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work…

Since Luther’s times a quality schooling was a natural part of Lutheran churches which later took over Commenius models to educate and discipline children and youth in Christian spirit.

“One can become a man by discipline only, without it he is nothing,” Commenius used to say…

Discipline is a process in which are teachers and students inseparatebly interconnected to create a spiritual and intellectual heritage, so that everyone is included in the life of the school on different positions to grow in character and develop his personality to be equipped for every good work… This is part of our basic spiritual orientations of our school. Surely it’s not an easy task to do. We know from experience that a student and a teacher are sensitive living material that is not always pleased with everything. It is natural. Finding the right approach for mutual criticism, rebuking or wise correction and leadership is not an easy thing to do. In that aspect a man- teacher needs a high level of pedagogical professionalism in order to provoke another man-student to think. To provoke him to receive learning for his life…

Commenius would guide his teaching colleagues by saying:

“If you know how to teach, students will know how to learn. If you know how to move forward, students will follow you…”

Commenius taught that everything needed to get to a student’s heart and mind is already inside of him. It should only be found out and developed… In other words we prepare our future through investing in young generation. And that’s the process in which a teacher and a student – a man should be getting ready for a quality spiritual and social life. So that every man may be thoroughly equipped for every good work to become a perfect human being to be able to live a full life for his enjoyment and for God’s glory, to become a man of God. May God help us in that.

PaedDr. Dušan Havrila

senior pastor